Greenstar Newsletter:
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The history and background of an idea;
the projects and people, developing over time.

1. December 18, 1998: Solar Panels Arrive in Al-Kaabneh; complete photo report, narrative, maps 2. March 11, 1999: Field Report. Computers arrive, installed; relationships with village, Palestinian Authority
3. April 8, 1999: Product Review: Site Survey of hand-made Hebron products; glassware, brassware, ceramics, musical instruments. 4. April 20, 1999: Complete Status Report, phase II in Al-Kaabneh
5. Photovoltaic Efficiency Study: academic and scientific measurement of the effectiveness of the Al-Kaabneh solar power array 6. September 5, 1999: Education, Research Projects; installations expanded, mosque and health clinic
7. November 15, 1999: Digital Culture programs complete; music & artwork online; panorama photos  8. January 1, 2000: News update: digital satellite, free artwork, three new countries
 9. February 3, 2000: Premium Partners, microcredit feature, Jamaica announcement  10. February 27, 2000: New Free MP3's, article from Bruce Sterling, interview with Jock Gill
 11. April 22, 2000: Jamaica Village Center launched; sample music, artwork  12. May 8, 2000: Complete Jamaica music collection and video; valuable research libraries
 13. October 2, 2000: India Launch of Solar Powered Community Center, Parvatapur  14. July 6, 2001: Ghana announcement, Butterflies, Jamaica and India video, Solar Power Store

Key Greenstar
Strategy Papers

Digital Culture: a briefing on music and electronic commerce E-Philanthropy: Changing our way of giving
Green Electrons: technology and prosperity in the 21st Century Microcredit: Funding the future entrepreneurs of the developing world
Sweatshops and Butterflies: cultural ecology on the edge