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Music, artwork, people and discovery in Greenstar projects.
Produced live, in villages in the developing world, captured in direct digital form using solar power

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Speak Together
Music and Art of the desert Bedouin

Bedouin Artwork
A sampling of original art, with music, from the Bedouin village of Al-Kaabneh

stills & music; 1:57 time; 916 Kbytes

One Man
Solo voice of a Bedouin man, playing a one-stringed instrument, the rebab.

stills & music; 1:46 time; 1.7 Mbytes

Faces of the Desert
Meet the people of the village, on the edge of the Dead Sea

stills & music; 2:10 time; 1 Mbyte

Al-Kaabneh Rooftops
Stand on top of the school in the center of Al-Kaabneh and survey the desert

VR panorama; interactive; 426 Kbytes

Solar Power in the Desert
You're in the center of a large solar power array, looking out across the sands

VR panorama; interactive; 439 Kbytes

Approaching Al-Kaabneh
The village, approached from Hebron, and the welcoming people with their solar power

stills & music; 2:38 time; 1.3 Mbytes

The Voice of Swift River
Life in a traditional village in the mountains of Jamaica

Shirley Castle
A panoramic view of the valleys of Swift River, from high in Blue Mountains

VR panorama; interactive; 1.7 Mbytes

Girls, Girls
A humorous song by a young local singer-songwriter, about the girls of Jamaica

stills & music; 2:47 time; 2.3 Mbytes

Love School
A full-length music video, introducing you to the people and sights of Swift River

streaming video; 2:48 time

No Drugs-Stills
Introducing Tamalee, with a short version of local dub poetry, "No Drugs"

stills & voice; 1:21 time; 590 Kbytes

No Drugs - Movie
Tamalee is a seven-year-old girl from Swift River, performing her full-length poetry

streaming video; 1:18 time

Roast Turkey
Young Tamalee performs a rollicking, humorous dub poem about village life

streaming video; 1:46 time

Swift River: Center
A panorama taken in front of the Swift River Community Center

VR panorama; interactive; 444 Kbytes

A visual poem to the music of "Wings like a Dove," celebrating Swift River's ubiquitous butterflies

streaming video; 1:11 time

Hanging Bridge
Stand in the middle of one of Swift River's famous hanging bridges

VR panorama; interactive; 1.7 Mbytes


Valley Road
The road to Swift River from the ocean is long and scenic, passing through dozens of tropical valleys

VR panorama; interactive; 413 Kbytes


The Sacred Voice of India
The sights and sounds of Parvatapur, Andhra Pradesh

Shakti Dances
A young girl dances to traditional drums, in this impressionistic video

streaming video; :47 time

Greenstar Festival
Scenes and music from the day-long cultural festival, welcoming Greenstar to Parvatapur

stills & music; 1:54 time; 1.1 Mbytes

India Speaks for Itself
Students from a university in Hyderabad made this video about the Greenstar vision for India

streaming video; 3:14 time

Original Chalk Paintings
Young girls make fragile chalk paintings in the sands; Greenstar photographed them

stills & music; 2:10 time; 1 Mbyte

Chalk Paintings - Refined
The commercial art designs from women's chalk paintings, set to music.

stills & music; 1:03 time; 942 Kbytes

The Faces of Parvatapur
Meet some of the beautiful people who make Parvatapur live

stills & music; 1:28 time; 1.4 Mbytes


Circle of Drums
Step into the center of a powerful, swriling dance with men drumming and women dancing

streaming video; 1:22 time


The Heart of Africa:
Patriensah, Ghana

Girls Festival
The young girls of Patriensah dance in their ancient Ashanti tradition

streaming video; :45 time

Kente & Adinkra
The powerful and beautiful designs of cloth and symbol of the Ashanti people

stills & music; 3:18 time; 1.2 Mbytes

Young Visions
The children of Patriensah share their feelings in a beautiful montage

stills & music; 1:46 time; 965 Kbytes

Fertility Sculpture 1
A 360-degree view, with music, of a powerful traditional symbol of fertility

stills & music; 1:31 time; 2.2 Mbytes

Fertility Sculpture 2
A 360-degree view, with music, of a powerful traditional symbol of fertility

stills & music; 1:31 time; 1.5 Mbytes

People of Patriensah
A visit with the people, faces, smiles and thoughts of this Ashanti village

stills & music; 2:25 time; 901K

Patriensah: Village Center
Walk down the main street of a Ghanaian village, meet some of its people

VR Panorama; interactive; 797 Kbytes

Patriensah: From Above
See the whole village, homes and schools from a central rooftop

VR panorama; interactive; 837 Kbytes


Greenstar Connections:

A short selection of videos about the ideas behind Greenstar.

Greenstar Artwork
vivid, original images by the people of villages in the West Bank, Jamaica, India and Ghana

stills & music; 8:00 time; 2.7 Mbytes

How Solar Power Works
The basics of photovoltaics; how silicon is used to generate electricity from the sun

streaming video; 1:11 time

Greenstar Basics
The Greenstar idea: independence for villages in the developing world. From Tech Museum

streaming video; 3:21 time

Earth: Polar View
A unique view of our rotaating planetary home, from above the North Pole

stills & effects; :23 time; 944 Kbytes

Microcredit Intro
Economic independence, from Calvert Foundation; studies from Bolivia and El Salvador

streaming video; 2:40 time

Buckminster Fuller
From 1976, the insight of one of the great scientists of the 20th Century

streaming video; 2:04 time


John F. Kennedy
Excerpts from the Inaugural Address in 1961 speak to the challenges of today

stills & voice; 1:49 time; 1000 Kbytes



New Greenstar Community Centers, coming in Spring and Summer of 2002:


The River's Message:
Greenstar Brasil

The Amazon
Visions of the greatest river in the world from the people's perspective

stills & music; 1:17 time; 2.7 Mbytes

Saude e Alegria
"Health & Happiness": the approach to independence by people in an Amazon town

streaming video; 3:30 time

Visit the center of an Amazon village, Suruaca, along the Tapajo River

VR panorama; interactive; 988 Kbytes

Village Dance
Children practice their moves as part of a pageant on the history of their community

motion video; :57 time; 2.6 Mbytes

Voices from the Top of the World
Lhundup, Tibet

Introduction to Lhundup
A fascinating visit to Lhundup, the Greenstar site near Lhasa, Tibet

streaming video; 4:59 time

Global Zoom: Tibet
A closeup of the world's most mountainous country, to the whole earth

stills & music; :39 time; 872 Kbytes

Children of the Mountain
The youth of Tibet at play, with music from Yungchen Lhamo

stills & music; 1:28 time; 1008 Kbytes

Faces of Lhundup
The people of this isolated mountain village welcoming the future

stills & music; 1:42 time; 997 Kbytes


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