Copyright Notice:

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All video and music on these Web pages
is © copyright by the Greenstar Community Center from which it originated,
unless otherwise noted below.

West Bank segments are © copyright, Al-Kaabneh Village Council
Jamaica segments are © copyright, Swift River Re-Development Association
India segments are © copyright, the Mandel of Parvatapur
Ghana segments are © copyright, Asante Akim Multi-purpose Telecommunications Center


Following are exceptions and additions to the above copyrights:

Village Dance and Saude e Alegria: © copyright Saude e Alegria, Brasil
music from Saude e Alegria video is © copyright Gilberto Gil and Carlinhos Brown
For more information on these fine artists, click here:
Gilberto Gil | Carlinhos Brown

MicroCredit is © copyright 2000, Capital Missions
How Solar Power Works: © copyright US Department of Energy
Buckminster Fuller: © copyright The Humanity Foundation
Greenstar Basics: © copyrightTech Museum of Innovation Awards

Kente-Adinkra, Fertility Sculpture 1 and 2: music © copyright Koo Nimo
click here for more information on Koo Nimo

Tibet-children and Tibet-people: music © copyright Yungchen Lhaso
click here for more information on Yungchen Lhaso
Lhundup Intro video edited by Aspen Hill Films, with support
from the National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) and the US Department of Energy


West Bank photography by Charles Gay & Michael North
Jamaica photography and video by Jock Gill, Charles Gay and Michael North
India photography and video by Charles Gay, Maharshi and PR Rajeswari
Ghana photography and video by Paul Swider and Kirsten Hintner
Brazil photography by Charles Gay
Tibet photography and video by Charles Gay and David Renne

Original audio recording in Jamaica and West Bank engineered by Rick Cowling, directed by Alan Roy Scott
Original audio recording in India engineered by Maharshi, directed by Charles Gay
Original audio recording in Ghana engineered by Paul Swider and Kirsten Hintner

All Greenstar video and audio post-production by Michael North