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Art of Samia Halaby
Hebron Chamber of Commerce

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Palestinian investment opportunities
Palestine Trade Center
Jordan National Bank
Palestine Chamber of Commerce

Palestinian Academic Network
Birzeit University
Al-Quds University Library
Distance Learning Consortium
Resources for Teachers
4H Club


Virtual Jerusalem Tour
Jerusalem Mosaic
Al-Aqsa Mosque


Local/World Geography
Gaza Strip Feature
Maps of Gaza
NASA Live Views of the World
NASA Spaceflight
50 Top Destinations, Cities of the World


How Things Work--Basic Science
1. Student Questions
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Digital Media:
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Maps of Cyberspace:
Wires and Cables

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World History and Government
World Leaders
TIME Photo Collection
Millennium 2000 Features
The White House, USA


World Health Organization
Medical Multimedia Group: interactive health info
Family Health Information


Art Encyclopedia
Children's Art Gallery
National Gallery of Art
King Tutankhamen, Egypt


Global Artisans
Ten Thousand Villages: World Crafts
Novica: Global Artisans
PeopLink: Developing World Products
World2Market: Auctions for Global Art


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Arabic Music - General
Humorous Songs

Palestine Times
Jerusalem Times;
Arab Media Internet Network (Arabic)

Jordan Times
Jerusalem Post

Palestinian/Arabic sites
Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites
Gateway to Palestine Links
Palestinian Internet Service Provider



The International Environment
Friends of the Earth, Middle East
International Development, United Nations
Solar Power Products
Center for Applied Special Technology
Water Issues in Palestine
TIME Heroes of the Environment

Unusual Sites
Web Camera
Kodak Picture Playground Online
Did you Know? Unusual Questions and Answers
FactCat: Amazing and Useful Things to know

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