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Speak Together
Music and Art of the desert Bedouin

Bedouin Artwork
A sampling of original art, with music, from the Bedouin village of Al-Kaabneh

stills & music; 1:57 time; 916 Kbytes

One Man
Solo voice of a Bedouin man, playing a one-stringed instrument, the rebab.

stills & music; 1:46 time; 1.7 Mbytes

Faces of the Desert
Meet the people of the village, on the edge of the Dead Sea

stills & music; 2:10 time; 1 Mbyte

Al-Kaabneh Rooftops
Stand on top of the school in the center of Al-Kaabneh and survey the desert

VR panorama; interactive; 426 Kbytes

Solar Power in the Desert
You're in the center of a large solar power array, looking out across the sands

VR panorama; interactive; 439 Kbytes

Approaching Al-Kaabneh
The village, approached from Hebron, and the welcoming people with their solar power

stills & music; 2:38 time; 1.3 Mbytes


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West Bank photography by Charles Gay & Michael North