The transportation industry has, over the years, evolved a sturdy standard shipping container, which can be easily moved through transportation facilities of all kinds, anywhere in the world. The container is approximately 20 feet long, 10 feet high and 8 ft. wide, and has an array of grooves and hooks that allow it to be lifted, secured and transported efficiently.

Greenstar is built inside one of these containers; in fact, the container walls form the outer walls of Greenstar itself when in transit. So virtually anywhere in the world, Greenstar can move through warehouses and dock facilities, through airport loading and truck distribution centers, as if it's carrying any kind of standard freight.

This flexibility means that a Greenstar unit can be quickly and economically shipped by air, sea or land within a few days anywhere in the world, on demand, making it ideal for crisis, hunger, war and disaster relief. It also means that Greenstar can be re-deployed in the field without great expense or special equipment.