Index to Greenstar Press Releases
and Press Coverage


Al-Kaabneh announcement release 12-14-98

Al-Quds article on Greenstar, 12-15-98 (Arabic)

Al-Kaabneh Installation release, 3-17-99

Voice of America on Arab-Kaabneh--transcript, 3-17-99

Palestinian Energy Authority receives Greenstar Award 3-11-99 (Arabic)

Press Conference Remarks at Ramallah, 3-14-99

Award goes to Palestinian Energy Authority: Al-Quds article 3-15-99 (Arabic)

Sharing the Sun: Feature article in the Jerusalem Post; 3-26-99

A Call for Smart Electrons: editorial in iMP Magazine, 5-26-99

Solar Energy for Hebron Bedouins; Jerusalem Times, 4-9-99

A Wider Net; TIME Magazine, October 11, 1999

Greenstar in Palestine; San Jose Mercury-News, October 30, 1999

Greenstar Builds A Brain Trust; November 29, 1999

Alliance with eSat for global two-way wireless communications; October 19, 1999

BBC World Service Radio Interview (Arabic); April 22, 2000

Celebrating Earth Day Jamaica via the Internet; May 1, 2000

Swift River, Jamaica: Music, art, poetry website; May 24, 2000

Andhra village converted to e-commerce centre: New India Press, Oct. 2, 2000

India's first solar cyber e-commerce village: Deccan Chronicle, Oct.2, 2000

Parvathapur becomes first village...The Indian Express, Oct.2, 2000

Solar-powered e-commerce centre..The Hindu, Oct.3, 2000

India's Villages Start an Ecommerce Movement: Oct.2, 2000

Connecting the developing world's poor...Strategies Unlimited, Oct.6, 2000

Greenstar Launch in India, Telugu language newspaper; Nov.26, 2000

Solar Bridges for Peace; Friends of the Earth Middle East, Dec. 12, 2000

Greenstar: New Solutions; Buckminster Fuller Institute, January 15, 2001

Technology Empowerment Network selects Greenstar for Davos Conference, January 30, 2001

Countdown to TEN; World Economic Forum, February 26, 2001


Ghana Village Links Solar Power to African Culture; August 4, 2001

Solar Power is Reaching Where Wires Can't; New York Times, September 9, 2001

Behind the Velvet Rope at the Earth Summit; press release, August 29, 2002

Assistant Secretary Scarlett Participates in Demonstration of Partnership to Bring Economic Development to Indian Country; Department of the Interior press release, August 30, 2002

Bright Lights, Small Villages: detailed discussion of the Greenstar program in Patriensah, Ghana with director Osei Darkwa; from the Washington Monthly, December 2002

Interview with Greenstar: In the Arena -- discussion of Greenstar's work with the Center for Digital Government, February 2003

Rural Revolution: analysis of the Greenstar business model by Visions Magazine; April 2003

The Interactivist Interview: February, 2004 - Read an unusual interview with the editors of Grist, the online journal ailliated with Earth Day; then see the resulting dialog with Grist readers worldwide.

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