Greenstar People

Greenstar's central mission is to use advanced technology to further the goals of peace and economic independence in the developing world.

Greenstar is actually two separate organizations: a non-profit foundation and a private business. Both are committed to the same goals: bringing solar power, digital culture, telemedicine, distance learning, electronic commerce, manufacturing and agricultural support services to developing countries, and to all places where a centralized electrical power grid and a connection to the Internet are not available.

The Foundation licenses the Greenstar name and technologies to the Corporation for commercial use. The Foundation conducts charitable work in the fields of health, education, energy and the environment, where capital investment is not appropriate. The Corporation makes business investments in the same fields, creating products based on digital culture (music, artwork, video, photography, poetry and storytelling) in developing countries and creating markets for them. The income generated benefits the people who own and create the products, and provides a return to Greenstar shareholders. A royalty on all revenues is paid by the Corporation back to the Foundation.


Board of Directors, Greenstar Corporation:

  • Michael North, founder of North Communications; finance, public access technology, markets
  • Charles Gay, former head of the National Renewable Energy Lab and President of A-S-E Americas, leading photovoltaic manufacturer
  • Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute; international development strategy

Board of Directors, Greenstar Foundation

  • Charles Gay, former head of the National Renewable Energy Lab and President of A-S-E Americas, leading photovoltaic manufacturer
  • Peter McKenzie, executive at Astropower, leading solar manufacturer.; international solar energy deployment
  • Michael North, founder of North Communications; finance, public access technology, markets
  • Larry Seaquist, former US Navy battleship commander, security analyst; Mid-East and Central Asia strategy

Together, these Board members bring wide experience in policy and innovation, renewable energy installations worldwide, and in technology and business, to management of Greenstar's affairs.


Executive Staff:

  • Paul Swider, Manager of Special Projects, Washington DC; corporate communications, business development, Africa focus
  • Bob Bortner, Project Co-ordinator, Greenstar South Africa; develops investment opportunities in South Africa


Greenstar Ambassadors

In addition, Greenstar has established a global group of Founding Ambassadors. The Founding Ambassadors (in approximate order in which they were appointed) include:

  • Jock Gill, Penfield Gill Inc.; former Director of Special Projects, Office of Media Affairs, The White House
  • Janet Poley, President and CEO of the ADEC Distance Education Consortium (ADEC); expert in distance learning
    Edward C. Kern, Jr., president of Ascension Technology, Inc.; expert in photovoltaics
  • Grey Burkhart, CEO of Allied Communications Engineering, Inc.; consulting engineer
  • Michael McDonald, president of Global Health Initiatives, Inc.; expert in telemedicine
  • R.K. Pachauri, Director of the Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi; international energy and environment policy
  • Khalid Moidu, Ph.D, from Medical Center of Boston International; International Health & Telemedicine Advisor
  • Tony Rutkowksi; Director of the Center for Next Generation Internet; engineer and attorney
  • David Reed., consultant; formerly of Interval Research, Lotus Corp and MIT
  • Stephen Wheeler, founder of Pacific Graphics; business, finance and marketing strategy
  • Mark Irion, president of The Dutko Group; political and public affairs
  • David Aylward, president of National Strategies; public communications
  • Jim Hake, founder of Global Information Infrastructure and The Standard for Internet Commerce; communications strategy
  • Fuad Abulfotuh, Arab Institute; solar power engineer; field logistics
  • Chuck Chamberlain, USPS; ecommerce and distribution strategy
  • Mary Buffett, author; business and finance; music and arts distribution
  • Peter Varadi, PV GAP: solar power manufacturing, supply, deployment and quality control
  • Krishan Lal Chugh, Capital Fortunes; India development strategy, finance
  • Ernest Wilson, University of Maryland; international ecommerce strategy
  • Bill Yerkes, satellite telecommunications strategy
  • P.R. Rajeswari, social and community action and research in India
  • David Braun, leading music and entertainment manager and attorney
  • Osei Darkwa, leader of education and Internet access for Africa
  • Walt Ratterman, expert in humanitarian aid delivery worldwide

Where appropriate, the Foundation licenses its assets to the Greenstar Corporation, which manages commercialization of Greenstar technologies.


Afilliate Organizations of Greenstar

Universities, Government, Medical Facilities
National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
The Medical Center of Boston, International

Private businesses
A-S-E Americas
The Dutko Group
Capital Missions
Capital Fortunes, Inc.

Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
United Nations Development Programme
World Resources Institute
Global Health Initiatives: demonstration telemedicine database
Windom Health Enterprises: provision of personal health information system content
International Healthy Cities Foundation: provision of healthy communities material

Premium Partners
These organizations have missions that intersect with Greenstar's in various ways. Premium Partners help to inform their members about Greenstar, and receive free promotion on Greenstar's websites, as well as a percentage of income generated from sales of digital culture products to their members.

Click here for a list of current Premium Partners, which includes Earth Day, Sierra Club (British Columbia), CorCom, The Banyan Effect, Bytes for All, Legacy International,, and Jade Mountain.